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Chucky Will Return In Seventh 'Child's Play'


This past September Universal released Curse of Chucky (review), the sixth film in the glorious Child’s Play franchise.

For fans of the film, Curse was a wonderful return to the franchise roots, while also delivering a ton of twists and turns that connected it to the previous five films. But in the end, a lot of you guys appeared to be confused. “What happened to Alice,” everyone keeps asking me, as well as writer-director Don Mancini on Twitter.

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TheHergulaX2972d ago

Chucky never did it for me, as a film, it was decent, but for whatever reason, Chucky never really frightened me. I don't know why tho, as I am afraid of ghosts and such, yet not killers and creepy dolls like Chucky.

rataranian2972d ago

This is good news. We all should be thanking the gods its continuing on instead of a remake staring Will Smiths kids as Chucky and Tiffany and then after it doesnt hit its projected sales of 45 trillion dollars in one day remaking it again the year after and calling it a "reboot" and pretending the first one didnt happen. ...And hoping it stops there. Why? Cause thats the world we now live in.