The Walking Dead: Midseason Finale Review - IGN

IGN: Wow. It was a roundabout route to get here, but this is the big war showdown that fans have wanted to see. Once we saw that tank, it was clear that this is where things were headed, the question was: Who are we going to lose? As to that, the show didn’t pull any punches. The Walking Dead continues to both meet and play with our expectations, offering its own twist on the storylines from the comic. “Too Far Gone” is no exception. Their alterations don’t always work, but with this episode the series managed to capture the essence of that storyline without repeating it beat for beat. We’ll likely talk about those shifts and why they worked so well in a later post. For now, let’s just say that these were the right choices for where the show is today. They were hard choices, but that’s why they packed a punch.

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tristanwerbe2142d ago

the past two episodes set up bad for finale? IGN proving how stupid they are yet again, it was perfect buildup to the finale the best episode of TWD one of the best episodes ever on tv