Oldboy Review (Cinelinx)

From Cinelinx:

When creating a remake, the filmmaker will encounter a few important decisions that are unique. One decision is whether or not to maintain the original story. Another would be whether or not to keep the film style consistent. In the case of this Oldboy remake, the filmmaker facing these decisions is Spike Lee. Spike Lee is a filmmaker who is very particular about his films, with strong beliefs and a sense of personal integrity. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and as a result there is a fair amount of controversy that surrounds him and his films. Therefore, his decisions for his version of Oldboy are influenced by his perspectives as a filmmaker. The original Oldboy is a disturbing and controversial film itself, so in theory Spike Lee’s experience and ability to take risks shows that he has what it takes to push the boundaries with meaningful conflict in this new version and make it stand out. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen due to the choices he makes when presented with the decisions unique to a remake.

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