Paul Walker's Death: 'Fast & Furious 7' Delayed But Won't Be Scrapped

THR: The movie was on hiatus for Thanksgiving when Walker died in a car crash Saturday; Universal brass held a meeting Sunday morning to discuss the fate of the film.

Universal and the team behind Fast & Furious 7 are facing a delay in production following the tragic death of actor Paul Walker, but sources say the movie will not be abandoned entirely.

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darklordzor2413d ago

Man....I don't know. It's tough to imagine them writing his character out of the script (with so much shooting already done), but what else could they do?

Hergula2413d ago

They will most likely kill him off in the series... not something I would be happy about, but it seems like one of the options that they will consider the most.

darklordzor2413d ago

Yeah, I thought of that too, but it seems like something that would piss off a lot of people. Too many people.

ProjectVulcan2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Nobody else saw Gladiator then?

You know, the last scenes for Proximo, Oliver Reed's character, being slightly rewritten then completed by a CGI Olly as he died before he could film them. Proximo dies in the film. That was over 10 years ago as well. It did cost something like $3 million however to accomplish I believe.

It'll be expensive to CGI Paul Walker well in a few scenes, but not nearly as expensive as canceling the movie or massively altering it and reshooting half the movie instead of just a couple scenes.

Besides this, the movie's insurance would probably cover this sort of thing and give them the money needed to get any CGI scenes done.

It seems like with Oliver Reed in Gladiator luckily most of the new Fast and the Furious film has been shot already. So it might be able to be completed reasonably well with a little bit of Hollywood magic.

The film might end up delayed a bit because of it but then after Paul's tragic death it was probably going to suffer a delay anyway even if it was in the can.

Hergula2413d ago

That is indeed true, let us hope that they are somehow able to just write him out of the story, in a way which actually would make sense, as in the end, that will be the challenge.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32413d ago

It really is a touchy subject. Would it seem insensitive to show him behind the wheel of a car pulling stunts considering the nature of his death?

Soldierone2413d ago

He loved cars and became a star because of these movies, it would be insensitive to not do it.

Soldierone2413d ago

I think fans need to keep positive about it and stay away from people that will try and turn this into a negative thing. He loved cars, he loved this franchise, it's only right they keep his part in the movie and find a way to honor him in a write off somehow.

People that try to say its bad to keep him there or to not keep going are just wrong, he wouldn't want that. He would want the franchise to continue.

Especially since they spent so much time leading up to this movie. Everything between Tokyo Drift to now has lead up to what happens next and as a huge fan of Tokyo Drift I couldn't be more excited to see it. It sucks he had to go, yeah, but hopefully they find a way to remember him well in the movie.