TVF Major Crimes Review: The Third Option

There is always a standout on every installment and on Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 12 the character who got all the good lines was Amy Sykes.

Remember when she was so irksome after first joining the department? Perhaps that means even DDA Rios will eventually become a standout.

Yes, Rios was the DDA of choice on "Pick Your Poison," and amazingly she wasn't a complete annoyance. The writers must have gotten the message from us faithful viewers that the "I hate dead people" joke had run it's course because she actually stood inside next to the bodies of the deceased without making clucking and gagging noises or pretending she was about to faint.

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alycakes2152d ago

The come back of Major Crimes didn't disappoint. I missed it. The cast is great and now to deal with Rusty's problem and see if they can catch this psycho that's out there trying to get to him before he testifies.