Doctor Who Review: The Warrior, The Hero and The Doctor

It was difficult to imagine how three Doctors were going to fit into the story, but Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 15 exceeded my expectations in every way.

"The Day of the Doctor" is certainly no exaggeration. The world is literally abuzz with Doctor Who today, and the episode delivered a beautifully executed story that should change the course of the story going forward. It answered questions and created new ones.

Even Google got in on the fun, as their Google Doodle depicts The Doctors, and the smaller one beside the search features the Daleks and an entire game with The Doctor and the Daleks (that I was unable to finish!).

It's amazing to think that the entire world was watching the episode at the same time, whether in a movie theater or at home, in the United States or in the United Kingdom or Poland or Australia. It also aired commercial free, and came in at a lovely one hour, twenty four minutes in length.

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alycakes2153d ago

I liked it so much I actually watched it twice. I still don't really like who they picked for the next Doctor but I'll wait to see how long he last and see who follows him...after all they all regenerate.