This Longer Promo Features More Flash & More Clips From “The Scientist” And A Surprise

GAT: Courtesy of Felicity-SmoakQueen on Tumblr, a longer version of the new Arrow trailer has surfaced online… and not only does it have clips from “The Scientist” (airing December 4)… there are some clips from “Three Ghosts” as well.

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GenericNameHere2150d ago

What are people's opinions on this show? I saw about 3 episodes of Season 2 on Hulu, but I found Oliver to be a little too soft-spoken. He always sounds like he's scared to say anything. When he finally becomes Green Arrow, he doesn't even sound menacing. I'm not expecting something stupid like what Bale does in the TDK(R), but a bit menacing.

calis2150d ago

Love the show, one of my favourites on TV for a good while.

FullMetalTech2150d ago

Its an awesome show. I was skeptical at first too. But i caught it on Netflix and was hooked right away. It feels like how a true Batman Year One show on CW could of been. The writing is well done and im sure well see it get better overtime.

472150d ago

The show is fantastic through and through. Oliver isn't Batman. Batmans voice comes from a much darker place and is used to create a level of fear, that's not what Ollie is about. The voice he uses in the show is more than fine.

Pillsbury12150d ago

Who was the guy that looks like bane? Is it bane?!

calis2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Seems the video isn't working for me, and isn't on the site anymore, but I am assuming you're referring to Brother Blood?

edit: It's Brother Blood, just watched the video.