Arrow & Flash TV Series Apparently Won’t Crossover With Batman Vs. Superman & Justice League Movies

There have been a ton of rumors circulating that DC Comics TV series like Arrow and the upcoming Flash might connect to Warner Bros. movies like Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League. Arrow star Stephen Amell has repeatedly let his desire be known to be a part of Justice League movie.

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Hergula2152d ago

Let us be honest for a minute, the "Arrow" TV Series is nowhere close to being a great tv show, as it is simply good enough.

blackmanone2151d ago

Aye, it's a good show, but when you think that all the "great" parts of it were borrowed from the Batman universe, it shows its rust. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy watching the show, but every new storyline makes me just wish it had been called Nightwing.

Soldierone2152d ago

Kinda sucks that they won't do this. Does Arrow really have the potential to have its own movie? No, not unless they grow the base with TV viewers then lead that into a movie. Otherwise he will just be a stand by character in JL.

If they do go make his own movie, it will just turn out with Green Lantern style reception. People bashing it, and money not where they want it.

Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, so it sucks to be stuck in this situation. I think bridging the TV show would have been a smart idea....

The issue is they want stupid origin stories, and since the TV show is past that, they want a new Arrow.