THR Homefront: Film Review

Jason Statham, James Franco and Winona Ryder star in the script penned by Sylvester Stallone, originally pitched as the final chapter to the Rambo saga.

Given that over the past twelve months he's played everything from the wizard of Oz and Hugh Hefner to Spring Breakers' "Alien" and himself in This Is the End, it's tough to speculate about how James Franco chooses his film roles. But it would be easy to believe that he agreed to play the swamp rat drug dealer in Homefront just for the opportunity it provides for him to bellow out his character's memorable name, as in "My name is Gator Bodine!!!" Franco clearly relishes the handle, which is more than most people will feel about this trashy, manipulative, by-the-numbers crime drama in which Jason Statham wrestles with both Gator and an American accent. The Open Road entry will have to make its score very quickly upon Nov. 27 release before being crowded out of the marketplace by more high-profile year-end titles.

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alycakes2157d ago

I love Jason Statham so I know that I want to see it but that doesn't mean that I'll be able to right away.