TVF Person of Interest Review: Against HR

Person of Interest has always found a way to be intricate without being too complex, slowly building upon its main characters, introducing a variety of villains, expanding the mythos and providing a show that can ultimately just be an entertaining hour of action, humor and drama.

And, sure, you could tune in every now and again to watch the standard case of the week, but the series is clearly ambitious in its endeavors to go beyond that. It wants there to be payoff, to be surprises and to create a world that’s not always so single-episode minded.

So if the ending to Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 9 truly sticks, it will be one of the series’ boldest and most dramatic turns yet.

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alycakes2163d ago

For once I could see the end of the tunnel for them to get HR and I was so happy at the end or at least what I thought was the end.............and then the real end came as such a shock with a tear forming in my eye.

-Foxtrot2162d ago

I can't believe the ending to this...



She was such a good character, I think they should of made it so Simmons captured her and we all THINK she was dead but we find out she's really alive next season or something.

alycakes2162d ago

I know...I was in shock the way they wrote this episode. I know next week they will have John trying to get revenge on Simmons if he can fine him but how it will end is anyone's guess.