Christian Bale Advises Ben Affleck That His Bat-Voice Ain’t For Everybody

As Christian Bale does press for his upcoming movie Out of the Furnace, reporters are finally getting a chance to ask him about Ben Affleck talking over as Batman. One thing that Bale is making quite clear is that he and Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan were done with their version of Batman before Affleck was cast.

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TheHergula2154d ago

Affleck will be completely fine as Batman, as long as the script is properly written for him. As far as the voice goes, I agree with Bale, not everybody can pull it off, yet that is a matter of whether or not Bale's voice actually helped or harmed his Batman performance.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32154d ago

I always thought Bales voice was a little silly. He can drive a tank across rooftops but he has to mask his voice? Realism only goes so far.

jak3y13oy2153d ago

i liked batamans voice in the troilogy, i suppose it helped with the 'darkness' in the movies..

i hope Affleck can pull this off!

i don't really know him so i haven't got any expectations of him!