Loki Is The Only Good Villain In Marvel Movies-- And That's A Big Problem


At San Diego Comic Con this summer, there was no Q&A panel with the cast of Thor: The Dark World. There was only Loki, as Tom Hiddleston took the stage in full costume, demanded that the crowd "Say my name" and earn the kind of screams we associate with rock concerts that devolve into riots. It wasn't that they were trying to hide the Thor cast or shrug off the Comic Con crowd; it was that no combination of director Alan Taylor, star Chris Hemsworth or new footage could match the electric jolt of Loki on a rhetorical tear.

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-Foxtrot2167d ago

Well if they actually did the Mandarin right then there would be another one...

Think it comes to actually getting good actors at the end of the day. Tom Hiddleston was born for this part in my opinion like how RDJ was for Tony Stark.

coolbeans2166d ago

Yeah, that's the biggest shame with Mandarin's role in IM3. I thought the Osama bin Kingsley part was sold so well too.


Maybe the evil aliens from another realm could take Trevor from prison and then convince him again to act out the villain role. :P

-Foxtrot2166d ago

It's something I don't understand when people go "Oh I liked the twist I don't see why these fanboys were angry....they are so sad"

We're angry because he COULD of been a great bloody know the bad guy we've been waiting to see face off against Tony Stark on the silver screen since Iron Man first came out only for the horrible writers of Iron Man 3 to spit in fans faces while they screw up the extremis storyline with some fire breathing bullcrap.


Anyway have you heard that rumor of the Marvel short where the real Mandarin comes face to face with Trevor (guessing he's been kidnapped and brought to him) because of how he's ruined the Mandarins name and brought shame on his legacy. THAT would be wouldn't fix Iron Man 3 fully but it would be a start. Although one of the writers of Iron Man 3, I think it was the guy who wrote it said that it's bullcrap and you "won't see Marvel apologising for IM3 anytime soon" be fair I think he's just a little p***** that fans didn't like his twist and also worried that Marvel thought it was so bad they needed to fix his story.

BoxOfficeBuz2166d ago

Actually it was already revealed that in the next "Marvel Short" it will be revealed that neither of those characters are the "true" mandarin, and the "Real" Mandarin is pissed at what those two did to his name.

coolbeans2166d ago

It's funny b/c that's how my best friend sort of acted about it when he saw some of the comments around the web. Although I primarily don't like it, I'm sort of at ends with the whole thing simply due to the fact that it was a rather genuine surprise. No trailers, no hype, nada that was trying to "sell" that pivotal moment or incoming twist.

"Anyway have you heard that rumor of the Marvel short where the real Mandarin comes face to face with Trevor (guessing he's been kidnapped and brought to him) because of how he's ruined the Mandarins name and brought shame on his legacy."

I have not. That does sound very interesting though.

wishingW3L2166d ago

dude, don't even mention Iron Man 3, that was one of the worst movies I've seen in recent years. Seriously, what a stinker!

Anthotis2166d ago

Tom Hiddleston's Loki is phenomenal.

sephy2166d ago

the best after Heath Ledger may he`s soul rest in peace...

Kurylo3d2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

thats dc villain.. not marvel. Though im guessing they are not counting the xmen movies as marvel... since the comic is made by marvel, but not hte movies.

ironfist922166d ago

I want a Loki film. Thats how great he is, he outoes Thor in Thor's own movie (nothing against the actor, just the story doesnt seem to be compelling as much as the other heroes)

quiddd2166d ago

And what would be the plot of Loki's film?

ironfist922165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Or even a prequel film of Thor and Loki growing up, before he went insane.

KwietStorm2165d ago

There's rumors of the Enchantress being introduced at some point, possibly in a Loki spinoff. It would definitely show another side of him that many don't know, if you only know him from the movies.

level 3602166d ago

Believe the Red Skull is an absolute great villain.

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