The Deleted 'Jedi' Line That Redeemed Obi-Wan Kenobi


In an alternate version of the third "Star Wars" movie, Yoda revealed a slight schism in the Jedi Order over Darth Vader's secret identity.

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darklordzor2168d ago

This is really freaking neat. I love all these undiscovered bonuses, as for the first time in a LONG time I feel I'm learning something new about the franchise I love.

justSumDood2167d ago

I havent seen the video yet, but it just doesnt sound like its coming from Yoda...

*best Yoda voice*

"Long ago, would you have been told, had Obi-Wan I let."


wannabe gamer2167d ago

which may be why it was cut. if they wanted to use it they may have redone it till they got it right.

JoshHerrera2166d ago

Is the Star Wars laserdisk really rare? I remember my best friend having the trilogy on laserdisk around elementary/middle school (DOB 1988). The movie would stop half way and make you flip the disk over.

franwex2166d ago

I think they are referring to the fact that the studio saved material not shown before in laser discs instead of movie reals like how they normally would have at that time. The laser discs released to retail are probably somewhat rare, but the movie shown on the retail laser disc would be the same as whatever other formats were available for retail.

coolbeans2166d ago

Wow...that's a shame it wasn't presented in the theaters back then. It presents a completely different picture of Obi-Wan's attitude on the matter.