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The Playlist Review 'How I Live Now'

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Note the title, “How I Live Now,” and its absence of colons, commas, or other punctuation implying further installments—it’s the first sign of the crucial immediacy to Meg Rosoff’s 2004 YA novel, now brought to the screen by “Last King of Scotland” director Kevin Macdonald. The second is impossible to miss—a nuclear bomb detonation in near-future London—and while the film delivers a dystopian teen romance in the center of its aftermath, an unnerving atmosphere and surprising brutality actually creates tangible jeopardy and tension throughout. That clash of R-rated approach and broad melodrama proves an uneven pitch at times but Macdonald’s signature intensity, combined with another sneak attack performance from Saoirse Ronan, assembles a thrilling genre entry that stands firmly alongside its contemporaries in terms of quality.

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alycakes2174d ago

I saw the trailer and I like her so I want to see this one.