'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Latest On Vin, Bradley And The Scene Everyone's Talking About


To say that "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn was in a good mood on Monday night would be an embarrassing understatement.

We caught up with Gunn at the red-carpet premiere for the latest Marvel Studios movie, "Thor: The Dark World," and this is how he described the ongoing editing process and his work so far on the sci-fi-superhero hybrid: "Everything else I've ever been through — failed relationships, failed films, failed friendships — everything I've ever done means nothing because I've just been created by God to make 'Guardians of the Galaxy' for you folks."

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hazelamy2172d ago

of course, it's mt fucking v, so only americans are allowed to watch it.

i despise mtv.

go fucking die mtv.

Crazay2171d ago

just grab a free tunnel bear account and switch it on whenever you want to see these video posts.

Lord_Sloth2171d ago

I'm American and I won't watch it but there's plenty of other countries with videos I want to see that block me out too.

Soldierone2171d ago

The internet should be region free, especially with something like this.

The only reason it isn't is because their ads target America, so they block it out from every where else since they'd make no money off it......