The Movie Deal Netflix Wants to Make — And It’s Not Day-and-Date


Ted Sarandos wants to secure rights to films hot on the heels of their theatrical bows

“Why not premiere movies on Netflix the same day they’re opening in theaters?” Ted Sarandos posited in a keynote speech at the recent Film Independent Forum.

The streaming service’s chief content officer stopped short of saying he was actually pursuing such an arrangement, but make no mistake, this was no hypothetical. Sarandos is actively seeking a deal to secure financing for at least one, if not an entire slate of films budgeted well above indie levels, according to sources.

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ajax172171d ago

It'd be crazy to watch a movie on Netflix just 30 days after a theatrical release. Hopefully this will be common in the future.

Unztayble2170d ago

I've always wanted a day and date option. I can honestly say I'd watch WAYY more theatrical movies if an on-demand service was offered. I guess I just don't like going to the theatres. There are a couple of movies right now that I'm willing to pay to see but I just don't wanna make time to go to the movies lol.

JL2170d ago

Depends on what movies they are, but Comcast OnDemand often has movies available at a premium price same day as theater. Though they're always indie movies.

Soldierone2170d ago

DirecTV does it too. I saw the last one was 23.99 for a night, it was some indie horror movie that didn't do well in box office anyways.

However they did have Goon, which did well on-demand.

Soldierone2170d ago

Don't really like the idea. It's the movie industry, and in order to do something like this the service needs to make up the money from theaters. If you cut theaters out of their share, then the money needs to come from somewhere else.

This is why when on-demand services do it, it costs like 20 + dollars to rent it for 24 hours.

What I'm saying is, if Netflix were to do this it'd either be a premium service, or they would raise prices again. The only think that keeps netflix viable is its low price.

I'm all for more content on Netflix, just not this. It's a cool concept in theory, but overall has too many circumstances that can't be ignored.