James Mangold, Hugh Jackman Sinking Claws Into Another ‘The Wolverine’ Film


Twentieth Century Fox has begun negotiations with James Mangold to return for another installment of The Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman bringing back his signature character with the razor sharp adamantium hooks. This comes after The Wolverine played very strongly overseas, enough to now sit as the second highest grossing X-Men film of all time. The film has grossed $413 million worldwide, with $132 million domestic and $280 million in international revenue.

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Crazay2169d ago

I don't think anyone will have complaints about this..I still need to see The Wolverine though

DarkBlood2169d ago

Sweet, bring it on i say i liked the recent wolverine movie

KingPin2169d ago

oh god, give it a break already.
i'm starting to tire of Marvel movies now. overhyped, super flashy, pieces of crap to be honest. il rather read the comics, the original way to expose myself to the marvel universes.

Genki2168d ago

Hopefully they can put together a film that's actually good this time around. The Wolverine was neither good nor bad, rather it was smack dab in the middle; mediocre in every regard.

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