Box Office Milestone: 'Gravity' Rockets Past $400 Million Mark Worldwide

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity has orbited past the $400 million mark worldwide.

Through Sunday, the Warner Bros. film has grossed $219.2 million in North America and $207.5 million overseas, a stunning achievement considering older moviegoers are fueling the film's success.

To boot, Gravity -- starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney -- is now the biggest live-action October release of all time, not accounting for inflation, surpassing the $376.1 million worldwide earned by Taken 2 (the top October release is Puss in Boots, which took in $555 million globally in 2011).

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alycakes2178d ago

That's pretty good. It's a lot better than I expected because I really didn't think this movie was going to do that great so this is one prediction that I was very wrong about and I have to say that I do alright about guessing on how the movies will do at the box office.

darklordzor2178d ago

Yep, I was so worried when I first saw this film that it wouldn't make any money. It's a great film and deserved money, but seeing as how so many people prefer action/explosions to storytelling, I didn't think it was going to happen.

Thank goodness!

KingPin2177d ago

maybe its just me but i didnt think it was as great as people are making it out to be. there wasn't a great amount of story either. basically its stranded alone in space, get back home. not much character development nor is there a thick plot with twists in it. now before you guys assume im one for explosions and action, you should know that i thought life of pi was awesome. that for me was storytelling at its best. but yeah, i dont get what made gravity all the me its a weak film and not something i would tell someone to watch.

wishingW3L2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

it's funny that you mention The Life of Pi because I was gonna mention it too as an example of a great movie that is not just mindless action like people are used to watch on theaters these days.

Anyway, Gravity was just boring. Special effects and acting were top notch but the story and themes that the movie was trying to convey were kind of cliche and extremely pretentious (what critics love: pretentious stories, Noir and documentaries). But Life of Pi went much more deeper about the meaning of religion while being simpler and feeling real.

Gravity is the definition of overrated but I will always remember Richard Parker.

ajax172177d ago

And I still haven't seen it! Damn it, what the hell is wrong with me? Ugh...