The Walking Dead: “Indifference” Review - STFUandPLAY

STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco:

"This was one of those episodes where not much happened. There was one game changer event toward the end but other than that it wasn’t anything to write home about. However, since it IS my job to write home about this stuff, let’s see what I can wrangle out."

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likeaboss3021810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Weakest episode this season which sucks because after the preview last week I thought this one was going to be more action oriented.

Soldierone1810d ago

I think a lot happened development wise. However the one down grade to this episode was the fact you ended the last episode with this view of a massive herd of zombies, then did absolutely nothing with it.

It was like this massive herd never existed, they just go back to close quarters with one or two zombies popping out. Then again at the end a massive group goes after them, and again its gone. I would have preferred if Daryls group was constantly running from them the entire episode, and had a clock running against them. Then eventually storming through it all to get out.

Other than that, there was some great character development that will mean something down the road. How Daryl handled a useless memmber of the team vs Rick handling one that has gone haywire.