Clear History Blu-Ray Review

WGTC writes: There are three groups of people in this world: those who love Larry David, those who hate Larry David, and those who have never cared to find out either way. Before viewing Clear History, I counted myself among those individuals in the third category. Somehow, through the years, I’ve avoided his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm completely and only managed to catch a few Seinfelds here and there. Though I had previously heard acclaim for David’s ‘comedic genius’ from friends and family, I’d never gained any familiarity with his neurotic, observant brand of humor. So it was with great curiosity that I settled in for Clear History, an HBO original film that David co-wrote and stars in. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t make a strong case for the comedian as scarce laughs, an instantly forgettable plot and an ill-conceived overabundance of supporting stars make me wish I could wipe Clear History from memory.

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