Thor: The Dark World Opens to $45.2 Million Overseas


Next Friday, Marvel Studios' new film Thor: The Dark World will open in North America, but the sequel has already debuted on screens around the world where it has taken in $45.2 million, allowing Walt Disney Pictures to reach $2.314 billion internationally for the year, breaking the studio's previous record of $2.302 billion from 2010.

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Soldierone2171d ago

I've been waiting to see this for ever now! I haven't been to the movies in maybe 2 or 3 months because nothing of interest has hit theaters. (Not saying movies haven't been good, just nothing to warrant a 30 dollar movie theater experience)

Crazay2171d ago

Ya it's so bloody expensive to go to the movies. Especially if you're taking your family with you.

Isis062170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Lol @ 3 months...
last movie I saw in the cinemas was The Avengers.

proudly_X2171d ago

wow, Thor.. I am no movie freak.. but I watched Thor a couple of week ago and it completely broke my jaw. Seeing a sequel now is just epic.

coolbeans2171d ago

Congratulations, Thor (and Marvel). Quite excited to see this one.

r212171d ago

I could not believe how freaking popular Thor was in my part of Asia. According to the cineplex i worked at, they had like 100+/- at each time available for the movie. Crazy!

cell9892170d ago

its BS how they release it everywhere but the US early WTF!

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