Collider's Dracula Review: “A Whiff of Sulfur”

Could Dracula have picked a less sexy title than “A Whiff of Sulfur”? Not sure that’s what anyone wants to have on their minds when being transported to Dracula’s den of pleasure, even if it is taking place during one of the filthiest times in London’s history. Something odorous, however foul, might have livened things up a bit, though – Dracula continues to be so sure of its own import that it seems to be missing the fact that it’s wholly ridiculous. Though Grayson quieted down about his alternate energy sources this week, there was plenty left to leave us snoozing. Hit the jump to find out if Dracula can overcome its weaknesses.

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alycakes2175d ago

I've caught the first 2 episodes and I can say that I will continue to watch. It is a little different and as long as it keep on being interesting I will watch.

Lord_Sloth2174d ago

I love Meyers and his performance as Dracula as I loved his performance in The Tudors. I will watch this show to it's conclusion.