Jaimie Alexander Has Been Talking To WB About Batman Vs. Superman, Promises Thor 3

Bleeding Cool

Thor: The Dark World is about to hit theaters* which means cast members are all over the place talking up the movie. Jaimie Alexander was doing just now at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze convention in LA, and she has let something potentially very interesting slip out.

Here’s how Forbes’ movie blogger reports what was heard from Alexander during her appearance on the AMC panel.

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Anthotis2181d ago

Wonder Woman is supposed to be over six foot tall, and has big tits.

Crazay2181d ago

You are just on a constant troll...ahem..excuse me...roll aren't ya?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Lynda Carter was 5' 9½"
Adrianne Palicki was 5' 11"
Jamie Alexander stands at 5' 9"

Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck at 6' 1" & 6' 3½"each respectively, We'll barely see the difference. Your boob excuse is just ridiculous. It didn't do Adrianne Palicki any miracles in that terrible WW pilot. But if you're that worried they can always digitally enlarge them. They enlarged Keira Knightley's boobs in King Arthur and Disney used digital techniques to reduce Lyndsay Lohan's bust size in Herbie 2 lol. So sleep sound tonight young pervert. WB's got this.

Lord_Sloth2180d ago

You're the reason a Wonder Woman story would fail. Big tits means nothing. There's so much to WW as a character that makes her unique but all you can see if the physique.

ceballos77mx2181d ago

She would be a great choice for wonder women, she did a good job in thor 2, and shes hot and I really want to see her in the WW outfit.

Nocando2180d ago

Just a stunning woman, would make an excellent WW.

Ninte2180d ago

That is why Anthotis we have technology to change the way they look and if you want big tits then i suggest you look at porn.

Nes_Daze2180d ago

Talking about Thor 3 when the first one was crap. Second one also looks like crap. iron Man 1 was good, but 2 sucked and 3 looks like meh...also, captain america movies suck horribly, and the actor was a horrible choice, simplified rant- over.

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