London Has Fallen Heads To AFM

ScreenDaily: Nu Image will kick off talks on what is likely to become one of the must-haves of the market as Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman prepare to reprise their roles from the original action smash.

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SouthClaw2173d ago

Reading the plot actually makes it sound like it could work if it had a good enough budget. I will def look out for this one.

mushroomwig2173d ago

Ah, only the Americans can save the one unnamed British agent who will probably die half-way through.

ZombieGamerMan2173d ago

Cause no 1 else knows the sweet scent of freedome like Murica!!!! Murica Fvck Yeah, Here To Save The Motherfvcking Day!!

kingjoker342172d ago Show
Genki2172d ago

And in China, only the Chinese save the day. In Japan, Britain, Brazil, and um, anywhere that has cinema, the same rings true.

Yeah, that wasn't an ignorant, xenophobic statement. Not at all.