The Playlist Review: 'Man Of Tai Chi'

The Playlist:
Everything about “Man of Tai Chi” is awesome. Not awesome in the way you’re familiar, but awesome in the way Stephanie Zacharek described in her delightful review of “Inception” a couple of years back. “We've entered an era where movies can no longer be great,” she said, describing Christopher Nolan’s silly funhouse mirror adventure film, “They can only be awesome, which is not nearly the same thing.” She was right, and who better than to ignore the ramifications of that quote than the star of “The Matrix” himself, Keanu Reeves, here making his directorial debut?

This exceptionally gorgeous and exceptionally silly martial arts film follows workaday courier Chen Lin-Hu (Tiger Hu Chen), a slinky, shaggy-haired blank who peddles packages by day, training in the art of Tai Chi in his off-time. For those of you lazy bums who do not know, tai chi is considered more of a performing art than a legit fighting style, more decorative and symbolic than practical. As such, Chen...

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alycakes2176d ago

I want to see it. I like this type of movie and I love Keanu so that just make even better for me.