Ridley Scott Confirms Prometheus 2 Is Still On The Way


The director, who was promoting his latest movie The Counselor, revealed that the screenplay was being developed.

He said at a press conference: ‘Prometheus is being written right now. Number two.’

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ajax172182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Skip to 2:30 for Prometheus 2 question.

gigoran2181d ago

Was I the only one in the world that loved that movie? As a fan of the entire Alien universe I felt that it fitted in quite well. I'm very keen to see where he takes it from here. Still holding out for the Blade Runner project that was talked about. A re-imagining or sequel, both would be fine just as long as it stays true to the original.

ajax172181d ago

I really loved the movie too, hence my profile picture.