CGMagazine Reviews: Dead Before Dawn

Devon Bostick stars as one of those awkward young folks who star in horror movies. He can’t seem to get the girl, he’s easily rattled, he’s never gotten over his father’s death, and now he has to watch his grandfather’s creepy old occult shop! Golly gee! What a day! The good news is that his friends show up to make the night in the shop a little more bearable. The bad news is that they crack open an old skull and release a demon. As if that weren’t bad enough, they also start joking about silly rules that could be associated with the demon’s release if it were an actual curse and they all come true. So, for the rest of the night everyone they make eye contact with commits suicide and is transformed into a zombie/demon (or “zemon,” as they’re cleverly dubbed) determined to kill our heroes. The gang has until dawn to set things righ
t, or the curse will go on forever. Can’t let that happen, right?

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