The Trailer for the Heavenly Sword CG-Animated Film


The first trailer for Heavenly Sword has arrived and can be watched below! The CG-animated film, coming in Spring 2014 and starring Anna Torv as Nariko, Alfred Molina as King Bohan and Thomas Jane as Loki, is based on the Sony PlayStation video game franchise.

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darklordzor2184d ago

All this does it remind me and make me sad that we never got a sequel to this game.

Crazay2184d ago

It looks nice. The game didn't really interest me all that much so I skipped it. I'd pick it up from bargain bin discount though if I come across it.

On a side note gaming related, I;m headed to a Microsoft Xbox One Launch party next week. that should be lots of fun.

darklordzor2184d ago

I thought it was great fun. Sure it did some generic and cliche things, but it was a good game, and the first thing I bought for the PS3.

That sounds like it will be fun times.

JC_Denton2182d ago

Not gonna lie, this movie looks like crap when compared to its source material. Not only is the animation mediocre and the horses recycled from the same model, but the voice actor they got for Bohan is pretty terrible when compared to Serkis.

cell9892182d ago

I played it and finished it, It was awesome. The facial animations at that time were like never before seen.

aDDicteD2183d ago

Same here I haven't played this one yet because of some mix reviews as well as the game itself as being short.

is this cg film a prequel to that game or a sequel? because the trailer is good.

hkgamer2183d ago

story is based on the game.

mistertwoturbo2183d ago

You have to question why did they choose to release this 7 years later. Could be setting up interest for a Sequel. Sony owns the IP and could do anything with it.

darklordzor2182d ago

That's true, and it's one of the first things I thought of. Maybe they want to bring a sequel out for the PS4, but using this to gauge interest or build it up.

DarkBlood2184d ago

sweet looking forward to this.

Z5012183d ago

Has to be a prequel. Nariko is dead. Bohan is dead. Fox is dead. Etc... Btw, who is Loki?

-Foxtrot2183d ago

I think it's based on the game, what we played start to finish...but it movie form.

Axecution2183d ago

im so happy ive beaten it lol. Spoils the entire game in one sentence xD

Moncole2182d ago

The game is old. It doesn't really matter if he spoiled it.

Z5012182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Hilarious! I just spoiled a 2007 game?

Around Sep 25-27th 2013. There were HEADLINES around the internet about Trevor's torture scene in GTAV.

Game came out Sept 17th 2013. No one said a peep about spoilers. I know, because I'm still playing the game, but didn't know there was a torture scene.

So I specifically asked about spoilers on games. No one said anything.


Literally days after one of the biggest video game releases EVER. Made me think spoilers are cool now. Why not?

hadouken0072183d ago

One of the best games in my collection.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2182d ago

I regret selling it back to gamestop.

Crazay2182d ago

I regret selling anything to those crooks.

mafiahajeri2183d ago

Someone needs to make a war hammer time of legends cgi movie!!

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The story is too old to be commented.