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All Hallows' Eve Review - Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies says: "The best anthology films are those that provide for some kind of “hook” between each of the vignettes, and have a wraparound story that can bring the whole thing together into one cohesive package. A few horror films have achieved ‘Getting the formula right’ over time, and All Hallows’ Eve is definitely one of them."

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Best-Horror-Movies2181d ago

If you are looking for something a different to watch on Halloween check out this movie, it all takes place on Halloween.

Vandamme212180d ago

This movie was actually was creepy too..especially the ending.

Tzuno2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

And no horror movie in this world cant beat The Exorcist from 1973. These days horror movies try to make you puke. Really Hollywood?