TVF Supernatural Review: Welcome to Oz

Sam and Dean took a break from the fallen angel chaos to invite the always charming Charlie back to the Men of Letters Bunker for some computer fixing, Game of Thrones marathon watching and a fight against the famous Wicked Witch this week.

Was Supernatural testing the waters for a spin-off?

Certainly, the series has never stayed within the lines of what the show “should be” or “should do,” while delivering episodes that sound ridiculous and yet, somehow, manage to work. Just look at those like “The French Mistake,” “Changing Channels” or even “Monster Movie.”

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alycakes2176d ago

I can't believe they only gave this a 3. It was such a good one especially with Felicia Day in it.

medman2173d ago

I have to disagree with you on this one. I usually enjoy the Felicia Day Supernatural episodes, but this one was pretty bland by comparison to her other appearances on this show.