The Curse of “Playing” Batman "The title of this article is a bit weird, seeing its almost Halloween a made up curse seems fitting so in this theme lets discuss “The Curse of the Cowl”, what becomes of our beloved hero or should I say actor once the director says cut or the studio can the project.

It seems that every actor who has played Batman has instantly shot into stardom then subsequently faded into obscurity never to really be heard of or seen again, well in terms of the “A list” celebrity or great roles.

Could it be that most of the actors who played Batman are really good method actors and once they take on the role of the Batman the character’s darkness consumes the actor or maybe it’s because the Batman is such a big icon that we forget the man behind the mask? These are some of the interesting questions I grapple with seeing that one of my favourite actors Ben Affleck will be taking on the great silver screen legacy of this role and after Christian Bale. I am not sure how audiences will really..."

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aDDicteD2175d ago

i dont think there is any curse in playing batman, in fact it is a large opportunity for any actor. only george clooney was not in his peak when he played batman and still he gets a lot of attention regardless if he sucked. val kilmer and micheal keaton were already established and keaton still had strong films after batman, kilmer on the other hand did not do well, but it was not because of batman but his own doing. bale lastly will is still continuing to rise his stardom and he just won an oscars after there is no real curse.

StarWarsFan2174d ago

Curse? Are you kidding. This made Christian Bale's career.