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"To summarize, The Counselor is a simple tale of the drug trade told extremely poorly, with only one interesting character, standard action scenes, a bizarre sex clip custom built for YouTube, and pacing and editing that a chimpanzee would approve of. It’s one of the first times I’ve ever sat in a movie theater and felt genuine surprise when the credits rolled, as the plot was so incoherent that it could have gone on for another hour in much the same way that it had been going. For fans of MST3K and the like, this movie may prove to be a hidden gem. For the rest of the world, it’s simply a mess." - Alex Santa Maria of Geekenstein

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ajax172186d ago

I was really expecting greatness. It's a shame all those stars aligned, and all they made was a big ol' turd.

zeal0us2186d ago

Proof that you can have an all star cast and your movie still flops.

Infernostew2186d ago

Great cast but what a mess of a story that wasn't even interesting... very average. 5/10