The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Didn’t Want Daryl To Be Leader

CB: During Season 4 of the Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon has stepped up as the new leader of the group. However, when the producers initially pitched the idea of Daryl becoming a leader to Norman Reedus, he was against it.

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StarWarsFan2177d ago

Yeah, I don't think he should be the leader. I like him more as a second-in-command, giving him some room to be a bit of a rebel.

aDDicteD2177d ago

by popular demand they gave him the lead role, in the comics rick also lost his postion as he was going crazy and as i remember it was tyrese who was handed that part but in this tv show tyrese came late as of season 3 and daryl has been a badass from the start of season 1 so its no brainer they would go with daryl this time around.