Star Wars Episode VII: Rumor Alert: Harrison Ford Is Back

JN: Now THIS is how you start the new week. The news we've all been hoping for has reached us from the mysterious Jedi Master SQL.

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Anthotis2177d ago

Isn't Harrison Ford a jew?

pompombrum2177d ago

What's that got to do with anything?

GameSpawn2177d ago


I don't know why this would even be made a comment of, but Walt Disney (Disney now owns the StarWars franchise) was accused of antisemitism. Whatever, if he was or wasn't, Walt Disney is dead and his personal views no longer have an any impact on Disney's (the company) views and interests today.

ThatArtGuy2177d ago

The Jewish animators who worked for him debunked that rumor long ago. It's right up there with the "Disney is in suspended animation waiting for a cure." Disney was cremated.

StarWarsFan2174d ago

Why is that a comment on here?

darklordzor2177d ago

I'm sure he's back, and I'm sure he's back for more than one movie. The only thing that seems off about this rumor is the Indy 5 stuff. I don't know that that would have anything to do with it. I mean, another studio still has distribution rights to it I think.

ThatArtGuy2177d ago

Disney owns all of Lucasfilm, including Indy, Industrial Light and Magic, and Lucasarts, which Disney closed.

RetrospectRealm2177d ago

Nope. Paramount still has distribution rights for Indy. Sorry.

darklordzor2176d ago

Lucasfilm was never the sole owner of Indy, so other studios still have those rights. Hell, FOX still has distribution rights on the Original Trilogy as well, which is why the 3D stuff got halted too. Disney and FOX can't come to terms on it.

ajax172177d ago

Totally off topic-- this is one thing I never understood about this site: why is it a story will reach 500-1000°+ and will only ever have like 5-10 comments? And on top of that a rumor article will only ever get like a handful of votes? Something that's always boggled my mind. I mean you never see that on N4G... just weird.

darklordzor2177d ago

Several things boggle my mind about the degree rating here on Filmwatch, but I think it also has to do with the users too. I think.

ajax172177d ago

Do you mean to say different users contribute more hotness to an article than others? Such as people who contribute/visit filmwatch often.

MadMax2177d ago

Harrison Ford was the shit, he was the only Han Solo ever possible!!!