Batman Vs. Superman: Adam West Wants To Play Ben Affleck’s Dad

Back in September, reported on a petition to get sixties Batman TV star Adam West a role in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. Since our report, the petition has grown to over 6,800 signatures. And if the petition actually persuades Warner Bros. to give Adam West a role, it appears that West already has an idea of who he wants to play.

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RetrospectRealm2182d ago

I think the title should've said "Batman's Dad"...

ajax172181d ago

Alfred would be been a better choice since, well, you know, his dad was murdered and all. I mean what would they do; make him look younger through cg?

aDDicteD2181d ago

not a good idea. probably a cameo would be better but not thomas wayne, he died at least by age 40, adam west looks more like 60, it wont work.

DarkBlood2181d ago

cgi magic my freind, im sure that would possible if they really wanted too

Baka-akaB2181d ago

No thanks , i know "his batman" still got fans , but i want him to keep away from the franchise

StarWarsFan2177d ago

I think I'd watch the movie more for Adam West than I would for Ben Affleck.