Roland Emmerich Says There's Two 'Independence Day 2' Scripts, One With Will Smith & One Without

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While talking with director Roland Emmerich earlier today, as he does press for the forthcoming home video release of "White House Down," we had to inquire about the state of his highly anticipated "Independence Day 2." He sighed when we asked about the film, and claimed that it was, "A daily battle ... The budget, the schedules, the actors … " Still, he promised, "It's looking good." The director was more elusive, however, when we pressed him about the potential involvement of Will Smith, something that seems to fluctuate wildly every time someone asks him about it.

After refusing to answer our question about Smith, he let slip that there are "two versions" of the script that have been written. Wait, there's a version of the script with Smith's character and a version without? "Yes," Emmerich confirmed.

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alycakes2182d ago

This is very interesting. I wouldn't care if it didn't have Will Smith in it.

darklordzor2181d ago

Glad to see there's a plan for both contingencies, but I'm also kind of worried. Sounds more like the story isn't all that important that it can be swapped around. I know it's an Emmerich film and all about the explosions over story, but come on!

aDDicteD2180d ago

i would prefer the one with will smith, however, if the story is far richer in the second draft then by all means they should choose the better story. between story or star power, it always should be story over props.

ironfist922179d ago

Wonder if theres one for Jaden Smith too

StarWarsFan2175d ago

This will be an entirely different movie it seems, with new technology and all. It's hard to predict its look.