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What's Goin' On? 6 Movies Pushed To 2014 And Why They Moved

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Movies are dropping like flies from the Oscar season this year. Or rather, that seems to be the conventional wisdom out there as a handful of pictures have moved out of the awards season, switched dates or been punted into 2014. And you’ve heard time and time again that it’s a crowded season this fall and winter. And it is, but it’s really no more crowded than any other year -- this prestige season is always busy and there are always casualties and movement. Sure, the Oscar landscape is changing, and there’s been seismic shifts under our feet. George Clooney’s “Monuments Men” is now landing in February, what everyone thought was a surefire Oscar nominee in “Foxcatcher” has moved to unknown lands in 2014 and several other pictures thought to be 2013 Academy contenders have also adjusted plans.

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alycakes2727d ago

This really doesn't surprise me and it shouldn't surprise anyone else either. It happens to some movies every year all the time.

RetrospectRealm2727d ago

Wolf Of Wall Street is likely to be pushed back to 2014 too.

aDDicteD2725d ago

a lot of films adjust their release date, nothing new here, mostly for strategic reasons.