Tom Hiddleston Comments on the Idea of a Solo Loki Movie

C: I think we can all agree Loki is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel movie universe thanks to Tom Hiddleston. While the character could have been easily been a one-dimensional villain, Hiddleston has managed to make Loki someone you want to root for, even though he’s evil to his core. It’s an incredible achievement and it explains why Loki has become a fan-favorite.

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aDDicteD2181d ago

loki is a very popular villain, made even more popular with tom hiddelston's show stealing performance, however, a solo film revolving on loki's story may not carry a film on its own.

StarWarsFan2177d ago

A solo movie? No. I mean, I think they've used him enough having been in the first Thor and the Avengers. I'd like to see more characters explored.