Why Man Of Steel Was Better Than Iron Man 3

CBM: Man of Steel was by far the superhero movie of 2013. Why you ask? Man of Steel delivered a better story, Zack Snyders take and vision was perfection. While many people stay mad that Zod died at the end, you have too see pass that and realize he had too make a choice and Krypton had there chance. Now you may wonder why Man of Steel was better than Iron Man 3. Lets compare the two movies.

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aDDicteD2187d ago

man of steel is really better than ironman 3. both were good but if i have to choose ill never choose ironman 3 and i even regret seeing it in the theater, i mean it was good but i could have seen it just in regular bluray. i do not like the fact mandarin was fake and pepper killed the main villain. i heard people have problems with superman snapping zods neck but that is forgivable.

Blacktric2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

"i heard people have problems with superman snapping zods neck but that is forgivable."

That's literally the only problem people have regarding Man Of Steel, right? Who cares about off the ass product placement, excessive action that makes you feel like you're being bludgeoned in the head, pointless characters like Lois Lane who is solely there to give exposition and Perry White and his secretary and his right hand man, all of whom for some reason ends up being the "human element" in the last act and of course, a Superman that does not have any actual small Superman moment in the movie and ends up being touted as space jesus by both characters in the movie and people who've made the movie...

colonel1792187d ago

Who the hell complains about excessive action? This is ridiculous, it's Superman, of course I want action. People who complain about it should never watch a comic book movie and stick with The Notebook.

Your other points while might be valid, but in comparison to Iron Man 3 (on topic) Man of Steel is much better by far. Shane Black destroyed Iron Man movie, flipped the finger to the fans of the comics AND the movies. There were so many things that didn't make sense in relation to the other Iron Man movies and the Avengers. And now Whedon will have to come up with an excuse to bring back Iron Man.

At least Man of Steel put everything in place for a potential success in the sequel, just like Nolan did with Batman Begins. Iron Man started great, then started going downhill in Iron Man 2, got picked up in the Avengers, only to drop all the way to the ground with that horrible director.

coolbeans2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

"a Superman that does not have any actual small Superman moment in the movie and ends up being touted as space jesus by both characters in the movie and people who've made the movie..."

This part is kind of funny since Superman been entrenched with Jesus metaphors since it's origin, really. He's the comic book embodiment of hope and optimism, after all.

I do agree with some of your other criticisms though.

iamnsuperman2186d ago

I had the problem of it being boring. Too many flashbacks and the entire film felt like a mash of trailer moments not a real progressive story. I liked how they made the destruction more real but Superman fighting Zod flattened an entire city. There was nothing left. It didn't feel right. For Superman to exist there needs to be an element of supernaturalness (I am not talking about the powers but the environment Superman inhabits). Batman is different. He can live in a "real world"

Anthotis2187d ago

Most films are better than Iron Man 3.

Blacktric2187d ago

"m-muh Mandarin"

Iron Man 3 is one of the best movies released this summer. Man Of Steel was a film filled with stupidity and excess.

Lord_Sloth2187d ago

Osama Bin Mandarin disagrees with you. Seriously that movie was a complete disgrace to 1 of the best Marvel Villains!

darklordzor2186d ago

Because Iron Man 3 wasn't filled with stupidity and excess? Seriously, the story was weak and made little sense. I'm not a follower of the comic books, so the Mandarin thing didn't bother me...but everything else about the movie did. It was nothing but spectacle without any substance.

colonel1792187d ago

One thing that didn't make sense about the Mandarin twist is that at the beginning of the movie, they show you the "actor Mandarin" shooting people in Middle East. I get that being an actor, he would do the TV transmission, but showing him killing people, and then having him be a drunk actor, was completely stupid and nonsense. Even if the killing and shooting was all an act, there is no way that the actor portraying that is as stupid as the writers made him.

wishingW3L2187d ago

lol Iron Man 3. That movie was so bad is easily running for worst movie of recent times with Transformers and its sequels. -__-

aviator1892186d ago

iron man 3 was terrible...
man of steel wasn't that great, but it was still better than iron man 3.