Jackson: Iron Man ‘Might Work’ Without Downey Jr.

‘Avengers’ star Samuel L. Jackson thinks another actor could play ‘Iron Man’ if Robert Downey Jr. ever hangs up the suit.

“Robert’s a great guy. We love having him around,” Jackson told Yahoo! Movies UK whilst promoting new movie ‘Turbo’. “He’s an integral character in those stories. [It] wouldn’t have been the same without him. But you know… Marvel is Marvel, things happen. And audiences are fickle too.”

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alycakes2188d ago

Iron Man wouldn't work without RDJ right now. It would be a while for me to settle for someone else.

JediDiah2187d ago

Avengers could work without Samuel L. Jackson.

aDDicteD2187d ago

i do not agree, RDJ made ironman like wolverine is to x men, while wolverine is a natural standout in the comics, ironman was always behind thor, cap and hulk, but in the films he is more or less the front man thanks to the impressive portrayal of RDJ. in my opinion he is the most irreplaceable character and mark wahlberg would not even be convincing in playing that character. the other cast members are more replaceable like chris evans to channing tatum or samuel l jackson to idris elba .

StarWarsFan2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

It will work without Robert Downey Jr., but they need give the character a rest for a few years.