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It's hard to believe that 2012 was the first time action icons Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the screen together. Well, they must have had a helluva time on The Expendables 2, because the pair are at it again in Escape Plan. This time, they're teaming up in an attempt to break out of one of the world's most secure maximum security facilities. Escape Plan is a fun throwback to the action films of twenty years ago. It plays heavily on nostalgia, but take that away and it's a somewhat dated effort. Luckily, Stallone and Schwarzenegger exude enough charm to make the film entertaining enough; so if that's what you're up for, then you're in luck. It's not an all-out action-fest like The Expendables films, but it's a decent enough diversion for an afternoon matinee.

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aDDicteD2182d ago

this should have been huge, relevant, interesting tandem, if it was done 20 yrs ago. i know its never to late but being late has also a lot of disadvantages, both are not in their peak fame and condition, and now they are in a plot with a cartoonish prison and they have to join forces.