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20 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This October

Netflix streaming statistics must shoot through the roof in October. One glance at browsing options and new arrivals will tell you that horror is a typically thriving subgenre for the digital outlet. Halloween season must be truly wild. And why not? It’s a great time of the year to take advantage of downtime, rest and stream a cool piece you’ve been hoping to see surface for some time. Throw a few beers in the mix and call it a lazy day of terror.

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Infernostew3921d ago

Not bad this year. Too bad they took off An American Werewolf in London and Scream 4. I ran through Scream 1-3 last week since I haven't seen them in forever only to notice that they got rid of 4.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33922d ago

Not to be overlooked:
Kill List
Grave Encounters
The Thing
The Hole(Joe Dante)
Cabin in the Woods
Let The Right One In
etc. etc.

Halloween 6 and The Collector are so terrible you can't even enjoy them sarcastically. Session 9 is every bit as great as the article says though.

maniacmayhem3921d ago

I thought VHS was terrible, never have I seen a movie where every character was a complete a-hole that I wanted to die.

That movie would have been much better if they had dropped the found footage concept and made it more like Creepshow. The wrap around story made no sense and ...

I could go on, the movie was terrible and The Hole was pretty awful too.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33921d ago

Different strokes. I will say that certain segments in VHS were stronger than others. I wont hold the found footage style against it though, a lot of the segments wouldn't work without it and we already have plenty of horror anthologies, this one was trying to think outside the box.

I thought The Hole was really fun. It wasn't mindblowing but it was a solid film with a nice 80s vibe to it. It was directed by Joe Dante after all(you might be referring to another film by the same title).

maniacmayhem3921d ago

I really wish the one story of the friends going out in the woods was explained or a little bit longer. That one had the most intriguing story and best kills. everything else was just ruined by the found footage because as I have said it's just not believable that someone would film all that through every ordeal.

Yes, I am referring to the Joe Dante Hole movie not the other one with Kiera Knightly (I think she's in it).

Knushwood Butt3921d ago

The Collector (1965) is pretty awesome.

Infernostew3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

More to add:

House of the Devil
I Spit on Your Grave
Scream 1 & 2
Rosemary's Baby

I 2nd checking out American Mary. Cool little story and Katharine Isabelle is so damn hot.

LOL_WUT3921d ago

they have halloween 6 but not the first one I hate when they do that. ;)

kingPoS3921d ago

It's not quite horrow but I'm definitely enjoying the eighth season of supernatural.


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