New York Comic Con 2013: Superman Icons Respond to Man of Steel Controversy

CB: Just moments after panelists at New York Comic Con watched an animated short that will accompany Man of Steel on Blu-ray and DVD next month, a fan asked them to respond to the film’s controversial ending and to appraise whether they had a problem with the darker, more brooding and violent Superman being the definitive media interpretation of the character for many fans.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2191d ago

Theres nothing wrong with it. I loved the movie and I am a huge superman fan.

Deadpoolio2191d ago

But the fanboys will tell you at great length about how Superman doesn't kill.....Which generally shows how little people crying know about Superman's history, since he has killed quite a few people between the 40s to now......

It's worse than the people who cry that Batman doesn't use guns because they get their batman history from the animated cartoons nevermind that he always used guns in the 50s killed quite a few people and didn't really stop using them till about the 70s

gigoran2191d ago

oh you mean like this one?

dark indeed. Racist and dark.

twdll2191d ago

I thought the movie stank. Hated the villain, and waaaay to much destruction. Could have been done better IMHO.

Tres212191d ago

i liked the flyin & the destruction it was all great 2 me but i could of done a bit better but its got a lot seems 2 hav beter chance of doin good compared 2 some superhero movies

KingPin2191d ago

would you rather have them sort out their differences like this?

it could be epic to see how fast they could go. winner takes all.

colonel1792191d ago

Why does everyone complain about the destruction? When Man of Steel was announced, everyone said that they wanted more action unlike Returns, now that they have it, the complain that is too much?


Empire X2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

The destruction was right on the money. I mean you have aliens with the power of a god. What did you think it would be like if they fought? Even in the older version when Superman fought Zod the city got a bit messed up. It's how it should be. Unless you would like to see them duke it out over a game of bingo. :)

twdll2191d ago

I'm just sayin that Metropolis is freaken huge. It seems like a never ending city full of Skyscrapers. The new superman villain was boring as well.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I don't know what fanboys they are talking to, but it is well known that Superman has killed people before in the comics. I don't think that the problem is that he killed somebody, but that when Superman kills somebody its a big deal. The first time he's tested he breaks his code? I have no problem if the filmmakers want to explore that angle of Superman but give it the respect it deserves. It just reeked of Snyder's attempt at making his version of Superman gritty and edgy. You probably shouldn't take that big of a leap with a character when you've barely established it.

ajax172188d ago

I still don't understand why it was so damn controversial!!

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