TVF Arrow Review: Farewell to The Hood

There has been so much discussion about the topics that happened in the Arrow Season 1 finale that I almost forgot we hadn't checked back in with Starling City since then.

In "City of Heroes" we learned that instead of sticking around for the fallout from the disaster of Malcolm Merlyn's Undertaking, Oliver skipped town and let Starling City fend for itself.

That didn't seem like the reaction of a hero, did it?

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alycakes2195d ago

I enjoyed the Arrow return episode. I liked the fact that he doesn't want to just go back to the way it was. I'm glad it's going to be different and that he's not going to be the hood and the vigilante anymore. I think this season is going to be filled with a lot of new interesting people and surprises.

DarkBlood2194d ago

are you referring to the Green Arrow personal?

alycakes2192d ago

The show on the CW called Arrow the tv series. It is awesome and just started it's second season.

DarkBlood2192d ago

Sorry, im referring to your comment about him not being the hood and vigliante anymore thus becoming the green arrow personal(ity) that at the most comic fans all know and love.

Anthotis2193d ago

I like that they're gonna give him his proper name. I also like that he won't be killing everyone who crosses him, although there should be situations where he won't have a choice.

I hope when Slade catches up with him in present day, he has had his super soldier enhancements, and become the true Deathstroke.