Todd McFarlane Offers up Budget and Tone for the Spawn Reboot


I've been glued to SPAWN since the HBO show premiered in 1997. Even now it's one of the best animated comic series I've ever seen. HBO allowed the character to leap right off the page and didn't turn away from the violence or graphic nature of the series. Then the movie came out a few months later…. - See more at:

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aDDicteD2192d ago

yes i definitely agree on his take of spawn, it needs to have enough budget to cover the writing, casting, directing etc. because spawn is a franchise that has a potential to make money at this point more than ever. superheroes on screen are really on demand and if they offer a different take like spawn which would rely on rated r, demons, dark tone etc. that would mix target market of audience into a bigger percentage that would be perfect and if the film is successful thay can make sequels..its a win win for both audience and producers.