Once Upon a Time: Season 3, Episode 2 Review/Recap | GeekedOutNation

We see nothing of Henry this week or what’s going on with Neal in fairy tale land. We get two stories this episode: our Save Henry team and a flashback revolving entirely around Snow White & Prince Charming….AGAIN. In Neverland, Emma hears someone crying. She goes to check out what it is and meets Peter Pan. He gives her a very interesting piece of paper. He tells her that when she accepts who she is, the map will show her where Henry is. Emma fills in Hook, Snow, Charming and Regina about this and everyone but Regina thinks they should let Emma figure it out herself. Regina, in classic Regina fashion, wants to use magic on it. Emma thinks of everything. She says she’s the daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming, she is the product of true love, she was a bail bondsman and she’s Henry’s mother. Emma then says the one thing she never wants to say. That she’s the savior. But in classic OUAT fashion, that still doesn’t work.

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