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TVF Hell on Wheels Season Finale Review: Wrong Turn

All I want is for this hour to pass so I can return to building my railroad." - Thomas Durant.

It's not often I agree with Durant on any of his schemes or attitudes, but no truer words were spoken in respect to "Get Behind the Mule."

And maybe I could be more forgiving if this was just another episode in the middle of the season, but as the Hell on Wheels Season 3 finale?

Not only did it fall flat, but I'm still a bit confused by the drastic change in direction after everything that's happened up until now.

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alycakes2974d ago

I don't think it deserves this low rating but I don't care what it got anyway. This was a good ending to the season. In a way it left it with questions for the next season but if it gets cancelled (like it almost did last year), it almost leaves it in a safe place...not a good place for some but still a place where they can end it.

Soldierone2974d ago

They marketed the show entirely wrong, and in my opinion have never returned from that mistake. They tied it to TWD, and its nothing the same....