Punisher Easter Egg In Iron Man 3? Marvel Studios Has Rights Back


Back when the first images from Iron Man 3 were being released online, there was a little bit of chatter about a skull logo in the film potentially being an Easter Egg for The Punisher. Now, that Iron Man 3 is out on DVD & Blu-Ray, the theory has taken on new life after a viewer posted a screen capture of a skull logo in Iron Man 3 to Reddit.

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darklordzor2205d ago

This feels like a whole lot of reaching to me. Seriously, that could be for anything, and considering the eclectic art in Trevor's house it's not out of place. I saw it in theaters but didn't think much of it.

FamilyGuy2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

It's far from "reaching", Iron-man and Punisher already had a cross-over in an animated movie that came out earlier this year in Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

That picture is 100%, without a doubt, The Punishers symbol. Whether they make a new live-action Punisher film any time soon is up for debate but they do have the rights and have already used them by having him in a recent movie.

darklordzor2204d ago

I meant reaching in terms of people thinking it's specifically a reference to The Punisher. I know they've had many crossovers, that's not in debate.

Yes, that's the Punisher symbol, and he got it from a voodoo symbol. It's not something they came up with just for that character and it's been around longer than he has. I'm just saying more than likely it was just another piece of art in Trevor's place, and the filmmakers weren't planning on it being a Punisher reference.

FamilyGuy2204d ago

Just another piece of art?

I'd just say it's an easter egg, something fans will recognize and be entertained by the thought. Eater eggs don't have to necessarily amount to anything, sometimes it's just fan service.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32205d ago

In this day and age with public shootings becoming common place I have a hard time seeing Marvel touching this character any time soon. He's basically a guy who snaps and practices vigilante justice by going on shooting sprees. Also he has nothing to do with the Iron Man universe. Maybe if this was in a Spiderman or Daredevil film I might buy into more.

SilentNegotiator2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

"with public shootings becoming common place"

Arm yourself with knowledge:

Shootings are not becoming anymore common place. The last year was just a bad year and the media is reporting these stories ad nauseum because they're pushing to reinstate the "assault" rifle ban.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32204d ago

(Didn't give you that disagree btw) I may have chosen the wrong wording but I wasn't trying to make a statement about gun control. Regardless of what the actual number of incidents may be the fact of the matter is they are a huge source of controversy. Enough so that Jim Carrey took his name off of Kick Ass 2. /sidebar

The Punisher is a property that Marvel doesn't really know what to do with. None of his films have been very successful, including the last ultra-violent Punisher War Zone released under the Marvel Knights banner. Not to mention if you look at Marvel's release slate they are pretty much booked to the foreseeable future.

Deadpoolio2204d ago

Blah blah blah go watch your Faux Noise and believe everything is OK and to fix gun problems we just need more guns....Nevermind that IF MURICANS didn't jerk off over their love of guns and actually did something about it we could probably start to fix the problem...There is NO valid reason ANYONE not in the military needs assault rifles, IF you need a machine gun to go hunting obviously you suck at hunting

SilentNegotiator2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )


I know you weren't saying anything about gun control. You said something inaccurate and I corrected you. The rest was just warning you of where you get your sources and where that misconception is coming from.


Could you possibly create a comment with more spite and assumptions?

Sorry, but pointing a logical fallacy used to push agenda doesn't mean I watch Fox news. It means that I wasn't born yesterday and know how facts work. The idea that mass shootings are "becoming commonplace" is in complete ignorance of the facts.

"There is NO valid reason ANYONE not in the military needs assault rifles, IF you need a machine gun to go hunting obviously you suck at hunting"

Assault Rifles aren't machine guns. Consumer assault rifles aren't automatic.
Oops, there I go again. I must watch Fox news in my sleep or something. /s

The article I linked even made a case for the assault rifle ban (but that it doesn't tell the whole story) because there was a slight dip during that time. The problem is that the media is pushing all shooter stories and even lying about the weapons used (CNN and others automatically made the assumption that the Navy Yard shooter used an AR-15). You wouldn't know that, though, since you didn't read it.

edit: BTW, I watch almost zero mainstream news because my options are basically psycho-lefty networks and psycho-right networks.

FamilyGuy2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

Have you ever heard of it? I watched this movie earlier THIS YEAR and it makes your second statement even more false than your first: "Also he has nothing to do with the Iron Man universe."
Also note that this is Marvel Entertainments official youtube page, as in they made the movie. It's anime style may throw some people off though but they also have those anime style series of X-men, Wolverine, Iron-man and Blade. All watchable for free on Crackle if anyone care to. I've seen them all and they're decent.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32204d ago

I don't put a lot of stock in Marvel Animation, it's not representative of Marvel Cannon. Traditionally in the comics The Punisher was introduced through Spiderman and Daredevil. He doesn't really play a role in the Iron Man universe so much that he has a connection to Shield (which was developed long after his introduction).

@ Negotiator

Whether or not the actual occurrence of these incidents has risen is besides the point and doesn't necessarily support the theory that people are overreacting or we don't need better gun control. At any rate it was just a figure of speech. One could easily make the point that these incidents have become more severe and in that way they do signal an alarming trend. I don't think the point of gun control is to take guns out of the hands of people, but to make sure that they are only in the right hands. Honest gun owners should have nothing to fear and they should realize that owning a gun is a responsibility.

Soldierone2204d ago

It would be awesome to see Marvel do justice to The Punisher. My only request is to keep Thomas Jane involved in it at any cost. He was and still is the perfect Punisher and I would love to see him come back.

They don't even need to do his own movie. The Punisher often attacks other hero's to keep them in place, that could be an interesting story.

Hellsvacancy2204d ago

I really hope they Thomas Jane stays aswel, Dirty Laundry was an AWESOME short

Knowning how Hollywood does things we will get Marky Mark Wahlberg or Jamie Fox

cell9892204d ago

I loved the short Dirty Laundry film, so much was done with so little budget, Thomas Jane needs to reprise that role

Soldierone2204d ago

Honestly if they go throw a name like that on The Punisher, I'll be done watching Marvel movies for some time.

gigoran2204d ago

If, and I mean IF they do make this there is only one actor they should use for it. He was the right actor the first time and used his own money to make a short film for the role. Yeah... you know who.

Bring him back and I'll see it a thousand times.

aDDicteD2200d ago

Nice find. I didn't notice that punisher easter egg on that scene. If it's true that marvel has the rights back well it would be really great to see a true punisher movie.