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The Walking Dead’s 6 Most Shocking Moments

Rest easy fans of The Walking Dead , the fourth season returns next week, October 13, 2013. Most of you are eager to find out what happens to Rick and the rest of the group, not to mention The Governor. Where did he go? What is he planning? If you’ve read the comic book, then you already know why some of the events happened they way they did, but for those who haven’t, they’ve been left in anticipation each week waiting to know what happens next.

Down below you’ll find a list of the most shocking moments from the first three seasons to get your ready for next week’s season 4 premiere. The list will not be ranked in any particular order, but please proceed with caution as this list contains spoilers if you haven’t been staying on top of the episodes.

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aDDicteD2979d ago

if you had the chance to read the comics shane's death and the governor being ruthless was very well expected. the sudden death of dale's character and sophia being in the barn as one of the walkers were great moves that were executed because no one saw it coming.