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Danny Elfman Interview: ‘Tim Burton And I Are Like A Married Couple’

Danny Elfman is one of Hollywood’s leading film composers, having soundtracked the likes of Batman, Men In Black, Good Will Hunting and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Perhaps best-known for his collaborations with Tim Burton, the Oscar-nominated talent is playing a series of UK shows next week in which he’ll be performing music from the pair’s numerous movies.

Ahead of these very special, landmark gigs, Elfman spoke to WOW247 film critic Tony Earnshaw about stage fright, his early love of fantasy – and why his relationship with Burton is a lot like a marriage.

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shodan742978d ago

Edward Scissorhands is probably my favourite Elfman soundtrack - just beautiful. He's definitely one of Hollywood's best composers.

ajax172977d ago

Men in Black is definitely my favorite.